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Enter now to win a copy of BLUE ASYLUM by Kathy Hepinstall, a rich, absorbing story of a spirited woman, a wounded soldier, their impossible love, and the call of freedom. 

In the midst of the American Civil War, a southern plantation owner’s wife is arrested by her husband and declared insane for interfering with his slaves. She is sent to an island mental asylum to come to terms with her wrongdoing, but instead finds love and escape with a war-haunted Confederate soldier. 

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Win a Book Wednesday!

Enter now for your chance to win a SIGNED copy of New York Times-bestselling author Jonah Lehrer’s IMAGINE: HOW CREATIVITY WORKS. Read an excerpt. Visit the Facebook page

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Did you know that the most creative companies have centralized bathrooms? That brainstorming meetings are a terrible idea? That the color blue can help you double your creative output?     

From the best-selling author of How We Decide comes a sparkling and revelatory look at the new science of creativity. Shattering the myth of muses, higher powers, even creative “types,” Jonah Lehrer demonstrates that creativity is not a single gift possessed by the lucky few. It’s a variety of distinct thought processes that we can all learn to use more effectively. Lehrer reveals the importance of embracing the rut, thinking like a child, and daydreaming productively, then he takes us out of our own heads to show how we can make our neighborhoods more vibrant, our companies more productive, and our schools more effective. We’ll learn about Bob Dylan’s writing habits and the drug addiction of poets. We’ll meet a bartender who thinks like a chemist, and an autistic surfer who invented an entirely new surfing move. We’ll see why Elizabethan England experienced a creative explosion, and how Pixar designed its office space to get the most out of its talent. Collapsing the layers separating the neuron from the finished symphony, Imagine reveals the deep inventiveness of the human mind, and its essential role in our increasingly complex world.

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Reminder: Win a Book Wednesday!

You’ve got the rest of the night to enter to win a copy of HOUSE OF STONE by the late Anthony Shadid.

Reminder: Win a Book Wednesday!

Don’t forget to enter to win a copy of Anthony Shadid’s HOUSE OF STONE! You’ve got until next Wednesday. 

Win a Book Wednesday

It’s all about HOUSE OF STONE right now, so enter now to win a copy of this heartbreaking and enduring work from the late Anthony Shadid. 

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HOUSE OF STONE is the story of a battle-scarred home and a war correspondent’s jostled spirit, and of how reconstructing the one came to fortify the other. In this poignant and resonant memoir, the author of the award-winning Night Draws Near creates a mosaic of past and present, tracing the house’s renewal alongside his family’s flight from Lebanon and resettlement in America. In the process, Shadid memorializes a lost world, documents the shifting Middle East, and provides profound insights into this volatile landscape. House of Stone is an unforgettable meditation on war, exile, rebirth, and the universal yearning for home.

Win a Book Wednesday

All this week, enter for your chance to win a copy of ACCIDENTS OF PROVIDENCE: A Novel by Stacia Brown. Passionate love and a murder trial in 17th c. London? You want this.

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Rachel Lockyer is under investigation for murder.

It is 1649. King Charles has been beheaded for treason. Amid civil war, Cromwell’s army is running the country. The Levellers, a small faction of political agitators, are calling for rights to the people. And a new law targeting unwed mothers and “lewd women” presumes anyone who conceals the death of her illegitimate child is guilty of murder.

Rachel Lockyer, unmarried glove maker, and William Walwyn, Leveller hero, are locked in a secret affair. But while William is imprisoned in the Tower, a child is found buried in the woods and Rachel is arrested.

So comes an investigation, public trial, and a cast of extraordinary characters made up of ordinary Londoners: gouty investigator Thomas Bartwain, fiery Elizabeth Lilburne and her revolution-chasing husband, Huguenot glover Mary Du Gard, a lawyer for the prosecution hell-bent on making an example of Rachel, and others. Spinning within are Rachel and William, their remarkable love story, and the miracles that come to even the commonest lives.

Accidents of Providence is absorbing historical fiction for fans of Fingersmith and The Dress Lodger. And Rachel Lockyer, a woman wronged by her time, is a character neither history, nor we, will ever again forget. 

Don’t Forget! Win a Book Wednesday!

Need some warm, yummy, easy, deliciousness in your life? Enter to win a copy of THE FRENCH SLOW COOKER by Michele Scicolone! (I mean, hello, look at the warm, yummy, easy, deliciousness happening on that jacket. That could be in YOUR kitchen.)

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With a slow cooker, even novices can turn out dishes that taste as though they came straight out of the kitchen of a French grandmère. Provençal vegetable soup. Red-wine braised beef with mushrooms. Chicken with forty cloves of garlic. Even bouillabaisse. With The French Slow Cooker, all of these are as simple as setting the timer and walking away. Michele Scicolone goes far beyond the usual slow-cooker standbys of soups and stews, with Slow-Cooked Salmon with Lemon and Green Olives, Crispy Duck Confit, and Spinach Soufflé. And for dessert, how about Ginger Crème Brûlée? With The French Slow Cooker, the results are always magnifique.

“I’d bet that if French cooks could get their hands on Michele Scicolone’s French Slow Cooker, which is filled with smart, practical, and convenient recipes, they’d never let it go.” — Dorie Greenspan, author of Around My French Table

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It’s time for another giveaway, and I’m feeling extra giving today…

It’s pub week for THE HOUSE AT SEA’S END, the latest installment in the Ruth Galloway mystery series, by Elly Griffiths. These books are a favorite here in the office, to the point of Christmas morning-like excitement when new galleys come in, and I just KNOW you’ll feel the same if you give them a whirl. SO, this week’s giveaway will include THE HOUSE AT SEA’S END, aaaaaaand the first two books in the series, THE CROSSING PLACES and THE JANUS STONE. (And stay tuned this summer for ROOM FULL OF BONES!)

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Forensic archeologist Dr. Ruth Galloway is back, this time investigating a gruesome World War II war crime. 

Elly Griffiths’s Ruth Galloway novels have been praised as “highly atmospheric” (New York Times Book Review), “remarkable” (Richmond Times-Dispatch), and “gripping” (Louise Penny). Now the beloved forensic archeologist returns, called in to investigate when human bones surface on a remote Norfolk beach.  

Just back from maternity leave, Ruth is finding it hard to juggle motherhood and work. The presence of DCI Harry Nelson—the married father of her daughter, Kate—does not help. The bones turn out to be about seventy years old, which leads Nelson and Ruth to the war years, a desperate time on this stretch of coastland. Home Guard veteran Archie Whitcliffe reveals the existence of a secret that the old soldiers have vowed to protect with their lives. But then Archie is killed and a German journalist arrives, asking questions about Operation Lucifer, a plan to stop a German invasion, and a possible British war crime. What was Operation Lucifer? And who is prepared to kill to keep its secret?

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Win a Book Wednesday

Skinny jeans feeling a bit snug? We’ve got the easiest, coolest way to lose weight, and it could be yours!

Enter here to win a copy of CHUBSTER: A Hipster’s Guide to Losing Weight While Staying Cool by Martin Cizmar.

You’ve heard it all before: Calorie counting is the most effective way to lose weight. You’ve heard it because it’s true, and you’re still fat because you ignored it. Lucky for you, Martin Cizmar has come up with the least awful diet plan of all time. If you’re going to make a change, you might as well do it his way. The cool way. The Chubster way.

The Chubster plan revolves around calorie counting and enjoyable “undercover” exercise (urban hiking and gum chewing: solid calorie burning potential on their own; even better together). Martin gives readers the tools to become self-sufficient weight-loss machines capable of functioning in any environment. From frozen dinners and drive-thru menus to ethnic eating and microbrews, he offers suggestions for the responsible choice, steers readers clear of the real diet-killers and dispels some long-held untruths. That Stella you’re holding? It’s more caloric than Guinness.

Dieting is never fun, but with Chubster, losing weight can be.

You’re welcome.

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Win a Book Wednesday

All this week, enter to win a copy of TINA’S MOUTH: An Existential Comic Diary by Keshni Kashyap (illustrated by Mari Araki).

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In the tradition of Persepolis and American Born Chinese, a wise and funny high school heroine comes of age.

Tina M., sophomore, is a wry and endearing observer of the cliques and mores of Yarborough Academy. (“The name makes it sound fancier than all the public schools in the area. You’d really think the Prince of Wales attended.”) And of the foibles of her Southern California intellectual Indian family. (“Just so you know, my parents have never tried to lock me into a child marriage.”) She’s on a first-name basis with Jean-Paul Sartre, the result of an English honors class assignment to keep an “existential diary.”

Keshni Kashyap’s smart and funny graphic novel packs in (existential) high school drama—from Tina’s getting dumped by her smart-girl ally to a kiss on the mouth (Tina’s mouth, but not technically her first kiss) from a cute skateboarder, Neil Strumminger. And it memorably answers the pressing question: Can an English honors assignment be one fifteen-year-old girl’s path to enlightenment?

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